Does your website attract your best type of customer?

Ask yourself this question: If you could have 10 new clients today, but they all had to be a clone of one of your existing clients, who would the existing client be?

The best way to find that existing client is to identify who is the most profitable, gives you the least amount of grief, is a joy to work with, refers you new business, pays on time and who you would genuinely like to have more of.

Once you have identified this client, ask yourself what industry they work in, the size of the business, their turnover, what kind of products and services they offer, how many staff they have, what their business aspirations are and what value YOU offer the relationship.

Now visit your website and read all of the pages, view all of the images and work your way through the site as if you were your number one client.

I want you to imagine that this website has been built specifically for you. Ask yourself these questions:

1.Does the language used on the website resonate with you?
2.Are the images engaging to look at?
3.Is the information relevant and interesting?

Your website should be built for your number one client and nobody else. This is usually difficult to execute because we are afraid of potentially losing other clients.

However, if we have identified who our number one client is, doesn’t it make sense to then focus on just attracting more of them?

Next Action:
List all of the changes to the text and images you need to make on your website so that it appeals to your number one client, this would be a good time to contact us to see how we can align your site to attract your best customers.