The 7-Second Test

Research shows that most people will leave your website within 7 seconds if they don’t see something that catches their attention or confirms that they have landed on a site that has the information that they need.

Therefore the first screen that a visitor to your website sees must have one of the following:

A strong headline that resonates with the reason that made them click on your site.

An offer that will cause them to seek more information or make contact via the phone or a form.

The best idea for 2022 is to have a short video with a voice track that starts automatically when they land on the page.

Websites are not artworks, a fancy design will no longer make someone engage with your site. People go to a website because they have a need, and you have 7 seconds to convince them that you can satisfy that need.

So let’s get our thinking caps on and work out what is needed to make someone spend time on your website.